Wir haben Corona-Spezialangebote.

The creative industry is one of the four pillars of Berlin’s economic
structure. Around 250,000 creative companies and as many freelancers
contribute to the growth of the city’s economic.

Every successful creative company has its own specific market strategy.
Advertising and marketing, offer and acquisition are individually
developed and implemented. A personalized strategy essential in every
creative product – be it art, literature, music, an exhibition or
even a cultural service.

Creative companies of all sizes must do what the world champion Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali describes in this metaphor:

Float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee. Your hands can hit what your eyes can see.

The name of my agency, stems from this quote. I founded Bees &
Butterflies in March 2009. Godmother to the project is the conductor,
composer, musician and author Mascha Blankenburg (+ 2013). She
strongly encouraged me to bring Bees & Butterflies to life.

From the beginning on I specialized in art and cultural companies of all
sizes. For and with these, I develop successful concepts, covering
every aspect of the company, from their online presence all the way
to the business plan and legal form.

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